Wedding Guest Style

I have two weddings this summer and I have been browsing online for something to wear. I am the typical type of girl that moans about her body but post-baby I’d give anything to turn back the clock and tell myself that things weren’t so bad. I had a wedding seven weeks after the big spud was born and I bought loads of dresses online that resembled black bags. I wanted nothing clinging as I felt like a massive whale but in the end I sent everything back as they just didn’t feel right.

I ended up wearing a silk vintage dress that was once my mom’s. It had buttons down the front so I could feed the baby (yes, he came with me….partay) but it was a bit of a disaster. When I took off my coat in the church my friend gasped and said “Danielle, you’re leaking” – cue everyone on the pew looking at me. I had two huge round wet patches as I had forgotten to wear breast pads. All I could do was laugh and quietly put my coat back on. I was very lucky that I had packed another dress.

So thank god that stage is over and I can wear a normal dress, have a few drinks and leave the baby at home. Now I am trying to stop myself from buying a black shift dress that will hide all the humps and bumps, and just accept that I have a different shape for the time being. Below are a few dresses that have caught my eye and some styles that I hope to wear over the next few months. So there’s something for everyone.


& other stories polka dot dress 2 colours

&OtherStories: Polka Dot Dress. Available in two colours, Stg£65

French Connection Palm Dress

French Connection: Lala Palm Dress,€149

Asos Floral Bandeau dress

ASOS: Bandeau Midi Dress in Floral Print, €91.55

French connection mustard dress available 2 colours

French Connection: Siena Lace Midi Tea Dress, Available in 2 colours, €209

warehouse cotton dress blue

Warehouse: Cotton Cami Midi, €60 (Bought this today so I might end up wearing it to the wedding)

warehouse Bird Silk dress

Warehouse: Silk Floral Bird Dress, €124

Zara Bardot Floral Dress

Zara: Bandeau floral dress, €49.95

whistles-iris-lace-dress-mustard dress

Whistles: Irish Lace Dress, Stg£260

Zara Floral Dress

Zara: Floral Dress, €49.95


Whistles: Double Dot Silk Tier Dress, Stg£260

Oasis Floral Dress

Oasis: Floral Dress, €90


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