Top 10 places to eat with baba and buggy 

My pre-baby self remembers going for brunch with a hangover and hoping the child sitting next to me wouldn’t start crying.  Now that I am getting up at 6am rather than coming in at that time, my head isn’t about to explode from the great night out but instead it is in a permanent state of jet-lag coma that requires lots of coffee and anything with sugar in it. When friends suggest catching up with me and the baba, I always have a few places in mind, as I’ve experienced first hand the sheer back-sweating exercise of lugging the buggy upstairs and the look of panic from childless customers hoping I won’t sit next to them.

Here are a few places in Dublin that I find welcome me and the smiling bruiser.

1: Avoca on Suffolk Street, Dublin. They have a lift and the staff are so great and coo over the babies. It’s also top of my list as I love the food. Order a scone with cream and jam.

2: Eden Bar and Grill, South William Street, Dublin. Great for brunch with the baba. I’d recommend the fish cakes.

3: Fallon & Byrne, Exchequer Street, Dublin. Great for a coffee, cake and a cheapish hearty dinner. The only problem is the food isles look so good you’ll leave with the buggy basket filled to the brim.

Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 21.19.04

4: Market Bar, Fade Street, Dublin. No Music. Cheap and tasty tapas. I’d recommend the feta and chorizo salad.

5: Noshingtons, South Circular Road, Dublin 8. Spent many a day out the back, having a bun and feeding the baba. Order the carrot cake but you’ll need to share it as it’s massive.

6: Teelings, Distillery, Dublin 8. If I’m honest I wouldn’t be running here just for the food but it’s good if you have a few friends with buggies and want a coffee, sausage roll or sandwich. They also never rush you.


7: IFI, Eustace Street. It was only when I went on a 1916 walking tour around Dublin and I was looking for a loo that I came across the IFI cafe with new eyes. We had a lovely sandwich and coffee and the toilets have a baby changing station.

8: M&S (Both Grafton Street and Henry Street). Both have lifts, and the space between the tables gives parents plenty of room to fit buggies.

9: Bibis, Emorville Ave, Dublin 8. Grab an outside table if you can. Butternut squash and eggs are a favourite. Don’t leave without having one of their amazing sweet treats.

(Update: Went last Saturday without the buggy and was so surprised they don’t have child seats. Never noticed before)

10:  Parklife: Noshingtons in Harolds Cross Park. Great for getting a bit of sunshine, coffee and a sandwich.

Carrot cake noshingtons skinnygal


11: Industry, Drury street. I find myself wandering round the shop lusting after everything and next thing I know I’m sitting in the coffee shop having a salad and a juice drink oh and maybe a pistachio bun. I tend to be here off peak and have always managed to get a large table for myself and the baba. (It’s more like a quick lunch pitstop)

I’ll keep adding to the list as I find more and please feel free to tell me your recommendations.


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