The Great Outdoors

Apparently there is due to be a heatwave in Ireland but as I type it’s raining outside. I’m sure it will clear up by the morning. Anyway, in true Irish fashion, once the sun is out we are like sun veterans. We have the shorts, barbecues and coolers at the ready but it always makes me laugh that we never, ever, have an umbrella when we need one.

My garden is the last place in my house that I have neglected. Last year our garden walls were falling down and I got a builder to staple deer wire to them and skim over it with cement. I will do a blog post on it once I have managed to buy a few plants and made it look somewhat presentable. My front garden on the other hand had weeds so large that I was starting to think they might actually be the plants that I sowed last year. I suppose weeds will overtake when you only garden once a year! My sister, being a glutton for punishment, weeded my front garden. And now that I am feeling a little more garden proud myself, I think I’ll start making it more homely before the week is out.

If you have a little bit of time and money you can be very creative even if it’s a little space. For the moment I’ll include a few outdoor furnishings that would spruce up any space. copa outdoor chairs : £399


Screen Shot 2016-05-08 at 21.21.31

2: £399


Ikea arholma-2-seat-sofa outdoor 340

2: IKEA: €340

Dunnes Outdoors chair and table 90

3: Dunnes Stores: Table for two: €90

Ikea Outdoor rug 100 euros

4: IKEA Outdoor Rug: €100

IKea outdoor 2 chair table 39euros

5: Ikea: Best Budget Buy, €39

ikea 8 euros led-solar-powered-pendant-lamp-globe-white__0316268_pe516205_s4

6: IKEA Led Solar Light €10


7: Urban Outfitters: Maroq Outdoor Led lights £20

Urban Outfitters Outdoor Lights



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