Dripping in Gold

My mother has the most amazing jewellery collection going. Her engagement ring is to die for and she designed it herself. She has boxes of jewellery that have been with her for decades.  A lot of it is costume that my aunts in New York bought for her, and some of it even includes Joan Rivers bracelets (I kid you not). I have found that as I get older I tend to invest in small timeless pieces like a simple gold chain, but that’s not to say every now and then I don’t indulge in some chunky necklaces.

When I turned 21 in New York, my aunts got me a charm bracelet and two charms. I keep meaning to buy more charms for it and I am planning on buying one to mark my marriage and another to mark the arrival of my gorgeous baba. Jewellery can be extremely personal and I have a few pieces that are close to my heart. I often smile when I think about the time and place in my life when I bought them, or who gave them to me, and even sometimes who wore them before me.

When some of my friends turned 30, I got everyone to chip in to buy one good piece that they will always have. I am not talking loads of money but even a hundred euros between a few friends can get you a lovely necklace.

I have included some of my go-to stores for that something special.

WCS.CTNE.03._Sound-Carpe_Diem_double_disc_necklace._€149_grandeWillow&clo shoot for the moon necklaceGorjana t bar necklaceGorjana superstar necklaceChupi Gold Necklace two circlesBy boe square necklace

From Top to Bottom:

1: Carpe Diem Double Disk Necklace, Willow & Clo, €149.

2: Shoot for the Moon Necklace, Willow & Clo, €125.

3: Gorjana T Bar Necklace

4: Gorjana Superstar Necklace

5: Just the two of us Hawthorne Necklace by Chupi, €169.

6: By Boe Square Necklace: By Boe, Loulerie on Chatham Street, Dublin.






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