Armchair Fanatic

We were asked by a really kind friend of ours what piece of furniture would we like for our house as a wedding present. I was very excited as this friend has amazing taste and is the owner of some of the nicest pieces of furniture I have ever seen. She picked out a mid-century armchair that needed to be reupholstered. We were allowed to pick out whatever fabric we wanted. For once myself and my other half agreed on the fabric colour, mustard. A bold choice you may say but one which paid off in the end. It’s the nicest piece of furniture we own and we are now terrified that the pre-crawling monster will be putting his dirty fingers on it soon. Think it’s time it may have to go on a staycation in our bedroom.

Recently we considered getting rid of the second sofa and buying another chair but have decided to hold off till said monster gets a little bigger. I have a few go-to sites for when I am looking for furniture and they are Sofas and Chairs, Eclectic Quarters, Table Lighting Chair and Kirkmodern .

Here are some lovely chairs I have my eye on for the future.

Clockwise L to R:


Table lighting Chair


Sofasandchairs (My Chair)



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