Dressing Table

For my first birthday in my new house I was bought a lovely desk/dressing table (my desk is the third picture). I was a bit freaked out as it really dawned on me that I now own furniture and a house with someone. There was no going back. I now have a husband, a baby, a desk, a cat and lots of other bits and bobs. The desk is now filled with lots of rubbish which I have promised myself I will get it sorted before I reach my next birthday.

One tip for buying a desk, it may sound simple but I recommend you sit at the desk as if you are like me and cross your legs then some desks are not for you.

If you want a desk with a bit of character check out Dublin Flea, Age Action on Camden Street, Adverts and Done Deal.  

I have included some desks below that you can purchase either online or in store. For those short of space check out the wall desk from Made.com.

Dunnes Stores DeskIkea DeskMy DeskJonah Desk made


esme wall desk


From Top to Bottom: 1,

1, Dunnes Stores, Marseilles Console Table, €200

2, Ikea, Malm, €100

3, Made.com, Stroller, £379

4, Made.com, Jonah, £349

5, Made.com, Esme, Wall Desk,  £149


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